''PRO'' and ''X-PRO'' Features:


  • In conventional reels, the handle is always turning forward or backward while casting or retracting the line, much like a cable drum. With our Anti-Reverse Engineering the crank is stationary when casting the line! The fish can still pull line (with the preset drag), but the crank stays still. This effectively prevents break of the leader and pressure of the back rotating crank on the finger. You can let go of the crank at any time without losing the fish!
  • Quick and easy spool change without the need for tools! Simply unscrew the drag knob, remove the crank, remove the disc, change the coil, replace the brake disc and the crank, screw on the brake button, done! (See below for more information on spool change.)
  • Salt Water resistant - tested in a salt spray test.
  • Strong, double disk break.
  • Can be specified for right- or left-handed use at no extra charge (even if this change is desired after the delivery of the purchase).
  • You are able to completely customize your reel. Just state your preference upon ordering, for example: housing in titanium, coil in red, crank in black, brake button in gold. Choose the combination that fits to you.
  • A special "stealth-loock" coating for reduced reflection is available on request.. In the Pro and X-Pro is standard.
  • Special labels and other colors are also available upon request.


From sea trout and pike fishing, light saltwater fishing for GT's to salmon and tropical fish, we have the right reel for you!

Our reels have been tried and tested for several years prior to the start of series .

*When ordering, the crank side must be specified (left or right). Without specification, we deliver the crank on the left side!*